Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Do you guarantee perfect security for our computers?
A. We guarantee that we will do our very best to secure every
aspect of your computing environment; perfection is our aim for
which we strive.

Q. Is there one audit for large and small customers?
A. We offer different audits with various levels of coverage and
complexity.  All aspects of security may be addressed.

Q. Do you also do general network setup?
A. Yes, we will do whatever the customer requires.

Q. Is WEP encryption safe enough for a home network?
A. The time it takes a hacker to discover the WEP password has
now been reduced to minutes. Would you trust your data to such
weak protection?

Q. Do you do server installations?
A. Yes, we can order, configure, and bring online new servers for

Q. Do you install VOIP telephones?
A. At this time we refer customers to another firm for their VOIP

Q. Are home networking components good enough for a small
A. The quality of home networking hardware has improved
through the years but this equipment may be quickly outgrown by
your business and its future needs.

Q. Do you support the Linux OS?
A. Yes, we have tools to work with Linux also.

Q. We already have a network administrator. Why would we need
your services?
A. Perfect Security brings a fresh perspective into any IT
department and can always suggest improvements and
advantages.  Our advice gives the network administrator's voice
extra weight for approval for his projects.

Q. Do you work outside the tri-cities area also?
A. Special arrangements may be made for your needs.  Please
contact us to know for sure!

Q. Do you have employment opportunities?
A. Yes, if you are a fast typist and disciplined we sometimes seek
more transcription help.

Q. Is a free anti-virus program as effective as a purchased
A. In our experience, we have had excellent results with some
free anti-virus programs but their audience is limited to home

Q. How much experience do you have?
A. Over 25 years working with computers and being online, plus
we have multiple certifications.
70% of all companies go
out of business after a
major data loss.

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